Growing Group into Teams

Book available late 2022

Growing Groups Into Teams

Real-life stories of people who get results and thrive together


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Altus Growth Partners

Every group has the potential to become an amazing team. In this book, we explain how.

The team at Altus Growth Partners has helped companies, governments, and NGOs around the world succeed in creating amazing teams that produce results that matter and energize their members—even when the work is hard and the circumstances challenging. We’ve strengthened senior teams from Los Angeles to London, Boston to Bangalore, Toronto to Kuala Lumpur, and more.

Through our work, we’ve found that people often view teams in ways that don’t help those teams improve. Often, people use the word team for a group of job roles with related tasks—rather than a set of people who jointly hold a promise to create a defined result.

In this book, you’ll learn how to observe teams, how to think and act with new perspectives about what’s going on, and how to work within your teams in ways that produce transformative results. We share our experience working with companies, as well as how to make your own team amazing.


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